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By setting goals and providing motivation to practice, regular lessons are the best way to progress on the saxophone. 


Regular lessons also give you the opportunity to receive instant expert feedback on your playing. See below for more information about lesson options, but feel free to contact me via my contact form if you would like any further information regarding lessons or any aspect of my teaching. 

Online and in-person lesson fees

I recommend all new students book a free 30 minute trial lesson; however, if you would like to book a paid lesson please get in touch via my contact form or via and we can arrange a time and date for your lesson to take place. More information about lessons is given below.

Free 30 minute trial lesson

Finding the right teacher is very important. With this in mind, I offer all prospective students a free, no obligation, 30 minute, online trial lesson.


During the lesson I will make a quick assessment of your playing before discussing your musical goals and how we might tailor lessons to go about achieving them. I can also give you a few exercises, tips and ideas for you to try once the lesson has finished. A trial lesson also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about my teaching style, how you see lessons progressing or the saxophone in general. 

Once you have booked a lesson via my booking page you will receive a confirmation email containing the details of the Zoom meeting where our lesson will take place. All you need to do is join this meeting at the time of the booking and we can start the lesson. In your confirmation email you will also receive detailed instructions for optimizing your computer audio for the lesson.

Online lessons

With video conferencing technology becoming more efficient and easier to use, many of my students are discovering that, by making it easy to fit lessons into their existing schedule, online lessons are an easy, flexible and time-saving way of learning the saxophone.  

To make the online learning experience as authentic as possible I am constantly developing a collection of resources including backing tracks, play-along exercises and example improvisations that can be used during lessons and for practice afterwards.


Online lessons are easy to set up. Before each lesson I will send you an email containing a link to the Zoom meeting where our lesson will take place. If you would like to use a platform other than Zoom (Skype, WhatsApp etc.) for our lesson, just let me know when you book, and I will do my best to accommodate.


Lessons in-person

In-person lessons allow plenty of opportunity to really develop your playing. By hearing you play in a live situation I can ​help you get to grips with some of the more nuanced aspects of playing the saxophone such as sound and interpretation.

Live lessons also give me the opportunity to accompany your playing on the keyboard, helping you to place the music you're working on in context and develop your musicianship. This is particularly beneficial in a jazz context where interaction between musicians is particularly important. Click here to find out more about my jazz and improvisation teaching. 


I am based in Royal Arsenal Riverside, London, SE18 a five minute walk from Woolwich Arsenal train and DLR stations, which are just 20 and 25 minutes from London Bridge and Canary Wharf stations respectively.

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